Our staff are qualified, skilled and knowledgeable.


You may contact us via the website, by email or telephone to admit your child.


Our governors, management and advisory board are available to deal with enquiries.

Educational Projects

We have a broad range of educational projects available and new ones are constantly under development.

What our clients say

Excellent educational project providing services for special children and the poor.

The staff are helpful and caring.

Parent(Name Witheld))

The management team have worked very hard to establish this invaluable institute providing benefit to so many.


The sewing classes and facilities are excellent.

Female Student

The teachers are very caring and passionate about their teaching.


About Us

Isaar Academy is an educational project which sponsors the education of poor children in the mainstream, private and special schools sector. We aim to elevate the academic and moral status of children so that they may enjoy a fulfiling life and contribute to society as equal citizens.

We aim to build partnerships and collaboration amongst different sectors of the community.

Vision & Goals

QUALITY ACADEMIC EDUCATION FOR ALL Building Sustainable Communities With Equal Provision for Each Citizen.
ALL CHILDREN ARE CREATED EQUAL Creating Partnerships & Collaboration Between Different Members of Society.
STRIVING FOR MORAL EXCELLENCE Role Model Citizens Benefitting All The Community Equally Are Needed.


Isaar Academy (IA)
Karariwala, Tehsil Kharian,
District Gujrat, Pakistan.
Tel: +92 300 5442531
Tel: +92 301 3030274


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