Isaar Academy Is Working To Educate Children In The Public & Private Sector

The Future of Teaching Starts With You

You don’t see many starting salaries as generous as ours. To us, it’s reflective of the impact our graduates, staff and employees make on the performance of our business. With real responsibility from day one and the chance to produce outstanding, visible results that have the power to affect an entire nation, it’s only fair they’re rewarded accordingly. It’s the perfect start to your career that’ll see you develop your skills and experience through a variety of comprehensive training modules, from hands on technical training to personal development/soft skills training. Along the way, you’ll be supported by our managers and colleagues.

At IA we encourage everyone to respect others and value their diversity. To take ownership for driving performance. We are always open and act with integrity in all relationships. Living these values makes sure we work as one team, one IA. We encourage our employees to drive our personal and professional growth though on-the-job experience, learning from others and formal programmes. The more we develop our skills and potential, the brighter the future is for everyone.

We want to build long-term relationships with our people. We want them to get to know each other and enjoy their career. So we’ve set up a number of groups that offer support, information, opportunity and more.

Teachers & Teaching Assistants

We are always looking for Teachers amd their assistants staff members who have the passion, expertise and caring attitutde to enhance the lives of children and build their futures. If you have the skills, desire and patience to help develop our school then forward your CV to us.

IT Support

Most contemporary educational institutes are built around the use of information technology in all aspects, ranging from administration, reporting, teaching and management. If you have the qualifications and experience to contribute then forward your CV for our perusal.


We are always on the search for good administrators to manage our growing institute and other various projects. If you feel you have the skills and knowledge to contribute to the future development of IA then please forward your CV for our perusal.

About Us

Isaar Academy is an educational project which sponsors the education of poor children in the mainstream, private and special schools sector. We aim to elevate the academic and moral status of children so that they may enjoy a fulfiling life and contribute to society as equal citizens.

We aim to build partnerships and collaboration amongst different sectors of the community.

Vision & Goals

QUALITY ACADEMIC EDUCATION FOR ALL Building Sustainable Communities With Equal Provision for Each Citizen.
ALL CHILDREN ARE CREATED EQUAL Creating Partnerships & Collaboration Between Different Members of Society.
STRIVING FOR MORAL EXCELLENCE Role Model Citizens Benefitting All The Community Equally Are Needed.


Isaar Academy (IA)
Karariwala, Tehsil Kharian,
District Gujrat, Pakistan.
Tel: +92 300 5442531
Tel: +92 300 5442531


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